RMS Albertic

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On 8 December 1929, the RMS Albertic sailed from Greenock, Scotland (Tail of the Bank), arriving in New York City on 20 December 1929. On board were:

Jessie McMillan at 3yrs

Thus, Mom and her parents left Scotland and came to Boston. Nana was sick most of the way. The manifest stated that they had left John McMillan of 23 Princess street, Ayr and were going to William Christie of 4 Royal Street, Allston.

The Albertic was originally laid down as Munchen (II) for Norddeutscher Lloyd in 1913. As a part of War reparations she was transferred to Britain while still on the stocks. On March 23, 1920 she was launched as Munchen but under Royal Mail supervision. She was officially transferred to Royal Mail on March 27, 1923 and renamed Ohio. The Ohio made her maiden voyage on April 4, 1923 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg. In 1927 she was sold to White Star Line and renamed Albertic. The Albertic made her first White Star Line voyage on April 22, 1927 from Liverpool to Montreal via Quebec. She was transferred to the London to St Lawrence berth in 1928. In December 1929, due to the loss of the Celtic, the Albertic took her place on the Liverpool to New York service. March of 1933 saw the Albertic laid up awaiting disposal. In 1934 the Albertic was sold and broken up at Osaka, Japan.




Built by Harlan & Wolff Limited, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1904. 23,884 gross tons; 726 (bp) feet long; 75 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 16 knots. 2,875 passengers (425 first class, 450 second class, 2,000 third class).Two funnels, four masts.

Built for White Star and Dominion Lines, in 1904 and named Baltic. Liverpool-New York service. Largest ship afloat, 1904-05. Troopship during World War I. Scrapped at Osaka, Japan in 1933.

Uncle John R. Christie as a new recruit in WW1


On 21 March 1926, John Reid Christie, age 25 departed on the RMS Baltic. We are not sure if he sailed from Liverpool, where the Baltic initially left, or if he boarded in Greenock, closer to Ayr, and where the Baltic also typically stopped before heading to NYC and Boston.




The 3rd Anchor Line ship called California,at 16,792 gross tons, California 3 was in service from 1923 to 1943, when she was set on fire by air attack off Oporto while trooping and torpedoed and sunk by escorting detroyer.

On 15 September 1928, the SS California departed from Glasgow and arrived in Boston on 23 September 1928. Granny and the younger boys along with Rab's wife Lizzie were aboard.

Janet Jeffrey Christie and William Christie Granny and Pop

Joining William Christie of 4 Royal Street, Allston, MA

having left John McDonald (Granny's father) 15 McFarlane Street, Glasgow